Implementation Project „Scientometrics 2.0"

The implementation project is a continuation of the P-3 initiative Scientometrics 2.0: academic reputation and networks. The initiative was based on the assumption that researchers’ increasing tendency to use digital media for scholarly communication has advanced new metrics for research impact (so-called altmetrics). The use of digital media in scholarly communication, conversations, work processes and social structures generates data for observations and analyses to a previously unknown extent. Access and usage statistics for publication platforms are interpreted, as are data on networking, evaluations and commentaries in various social media platforms.

In the framework of the initiative, various web-based indicators of research impact were collected and analysed. In a group of some 200 academics at the University of St. Gallen, new and established measurements of research impact were compared. The significance of new metrics was also evaluated, as was the effort involved in compiling data using them. In the framework of an interdisciplinary cooperation with the Research Alliance “Science 2.0” of the Leibniz Association, various suppliers that collect altmetric data were compared.

The knowledge gained via the implementation project “Science 2.0” is to be incorporated in scholarly communication and evaluation processes at Swiss universities. Based on the Institutional Repository of the University of St. Gallen, a first step will see the continuous compilation of alternative metrics of research impact; a second step, which is partly based on a user survey, will evaluate the metrics. To collect data, any service provider running an evaluation during the project may be accessed, including Plum Analytics, Altmetric, Webometric Analyst or Impactstory. Because the Institutional Repository of the University of St. Gallen is based on a platform also used by other Swiss universities, the ability to transfer the findings is guaranteed.